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Govardhan Puja and Go Puja

By Sacinandana Swami

Govardhan - the most magnanimous devotee

All devotees know that the greatest servitor of Krishna is Giriraja, who constantly serves the Lord in His pastimes. Great saints proclaim, “Affectionate Krishna fulfills the desires of all those who take shelter of Govardhan. This is the conclusion of the scriptures. Even the most unqualified can attain perfection in spiritual practice by such assistance.” (Kavi Karnapura in Ananda Vrindavan Campu, Chapter 11).

The 10th Canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam mentions unlikely candidates for receiving Krishna’s mercy: the deer roaming in the forest, the sky-ranging birds, the rivers spinning in whirlpools, the swans bobbing on their surface, etc. Even the unconscious cloud who swiftly moves to where Krishna plays His flute to shield Him from the scorching rays of the autumn sun and remove His fatigue with drops of water, gets Krishna’s direct service. Everyone and everywhere can receive the mercy of Krishna which best attained by taking shelter at the feet of His devotees. And Giriraja Govardhana is proclaimed by no one else than the Queen of Vrindavana to be the best of all the devotees!

Why is the cow so holy?

I heard from a brahmana in New Vrindavan, USA, the following account. His knowledge in the worship of the cow is outstanding, considering he worships the cow every single morning. To even be precise, he worships the back part of the cow…

Once the devatas (the demigods of the heavenly planets) looked for a place to be present collectively on planet Earth. They decided upon mother cow who is seen as a representative of the cows in the spiritual world. Sarasvati was given the task to allocate different parts of the cow’s body to the thirty-three thousand devatas. When all places had been given away, Laxmi Devi arrived, wanting a place as well. But Sarasvati chastised her,
“Why are you always so cancala (restless and flickering) that you make your own rules and times? You came too late. There is no more place left.”

Overwhelmed with sadness, Laxmi went to the Vindhya hills to perform severe austerities, hoping to get another chance. Upon her return, Sarasvati was pleased to hear, “There is one place left that no one else wanted: the back part of the cow.”

Laxmi Devi agreed to reside there and thus it came to pass that she entered into the behind of the cow and transformed it into a “sacred behind.” Thus, everything that comes from there like milk, urine and dung is different than that of other animals. It is pure and useful even to humans. Above all, the milk is transformed into ghee, which can be used during sacrifices for the worship of the Lord.

That is one account from this world. The deeper reason, however, is that the cow is dear to Krishna. Every other reason follows from there. The cows see Krishna as their only Lord and serve Him constantly with that understanding. Sometimes Krishna would even drink the milk directly from their udders…

For one who has pleased the Lord, what else is impossible to achieve? All the demigods, and even Laxmi devi, assist such a soul in their service to Krishna.


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