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Lord Nityananda’s Appearance Day: A Most Wonderful Opportunity to Obtain All Your Desires

By Sacinandana Swami

Very soon will come the appearance day of the most magnificent and merciful Lord Nityananda. In anticipation, let us already begin to tune into the wonder of this extraordinary avatar, who appeared as the older brother of Sri Caitanya, and indiscriminately distributes the rarest treasure of love of Godhead.

Lord Nityananda’s Love for Sri Caitanya

When Lord Nityananda visited Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu in Puri, He wandered all over the town and inspired one and all to chant the Holy Name of the Lord, even young children.

His tall figure was swaying back and forth, totally intoxicated by the highest rasas (tastes) of transcendental ecstasy. This ecstasy was infectious. No one who saw Him could ever remain sober. Just by the sight of Nityananda, every person could taste the meaning of His name – eternal bliss.

He always chanted the name of the Lord: ‘Sri Krsna Caitanya, Sri Krsna Caitanya!’ To revive the spiritual consciousness of even those averse to Krishna, He constantly chanted. When He lay down to rest, his chanting continued. Even in His dreams, He would not speak anything else but ‘Sri Krishna Caitanya!’

Vrindavana Das Thakura has said – Lord Nityananda’s love for Lord Caitanya was as strong as the love Laxman bore for Lord Ramachandra.

When Lord Ramachandra was banished into the forest for fourteen long years, Laxman insisted on following His older brother, simply to serve Him, with no consideration of His own comfort. And when Lord Rama fought Ravana’s army, He was prepared to lay down His life millions of times for the sake of Sri Rama.

But Lord Caitanya’s love for Lord Nityananda was equally remarkable, such that Lord Caitanya once revealed to His companion, Raghava Pandita, in confidence: All My activities are performed through Nityananda. His body is My instrument. Everyone in your house will soon come to know that Nityananda is non-different from Me. He can easily give you spiritual realisations that are not even attainable by the very best of mystics.

Sri Caitanya referred here to a future visit of Lord Nityananda with His empowered associates to the house of Raghava Pandita. His revealed prophecy of Nityananda to Raghava Pandita eventually came true. When Nityananda eventually visited, the devotees performed for their Lord a stunningly captivating ceremonial bath or abhisek.

Afterwards, Lord Nityananda manifested one of His most astonishing transcendental pastimes:

He somehow invoked the presence of Sri Caitanya, who was hundreds of kilometres away in Puri, to attend the kirtan at Raghava Pandita’s house in Panihati. Although not everyone could see Sri Caitanya, all who were present could smell the intoxicating fragrance of Sri Caitanya’s favourite flowers – damanaka flowers, which grew only in Puri. These special flowers strung for the Lord into beautiful garlands filled the atmosphere with that irresistible fragrance. Sri Caitanya had come – mystically drawn by Lord Nityananda!

Sri Caitanya had once stated that He was totally subservient to His older brother’s every desire: “I tell you frankly – I do whatever Nityananda wants Me to do.”

At Raghava Pandita’s home, Lord Nityananda infused everyone present with the highest form of love of Godhead – that love possessed by the gopis of Vrindavana. How did He empower His devotees with such unfathomable love? Simply by casting His all-auspicious glance on them.

Vrindavana das Thakura remembers the scene: There was an intense shower of ecstatic devotional love in whatever direction Lord Nityananda cast His glance (CB Antya 5.313). Whoever He looked at, qualified in self-realization or not, instantaneously lost their material consciousness and experienced an ecstatic transformation no one had ever seen or heard of before.

Sometimes these transformed devotees were so overwhelmed with joy that they spontaneously climbed trees, dancing on the branches, twigs and leaves in the ecstasy of kirtan. At those times, neither did the small branches break, nor did the devotees fall. And when in the madness of love, someone jumped from the top of a particularly tall tree, the person landed as softly as a feather on the ground.

You may ask, how is this possible? The Lord had brought the kingdom of God with Him. There, the rules of this world do not apply. Whenever someone wanted anything – food, cloth, a house, what to speak of spiritual realisations, they would immediately obtain their desire.

In Lord Nityananda’s company at Panihati, the duration of three months passed by in a single moment. As a result, no one needed to eat. They were all fully maintained by the bala or spiritual strength of Lord Nityananda, who is no one other than Lord Balarama, the elder brother of Krishna.

Oh, my tongue cannot stop glorifying Lord Nityananda, but it’s already 9:30pm here. Time to rest and dream of Nitai. If you wish to hear more, stay tuned and listen to the recordings of various great devotees on Nityananda’s glorious appearance day on the 29th of January.

I am convinced that anyone, even today, can obtain Lord Nityananda’s mercy! All that is required is to bow down to His lotus feet and sincerely request Him with faith: Overlooking my numerous faults, please make me into a devotee of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Nityananda Rama ki Jaya!


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