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Krishna – The Supreme Attractive Lord

By Sacinandana Swami

“A wise man who understands the Supreme falls in love with Him.” (Brihad-aranyaka Upanisad 4.4.21)

Whatever brings out our emotions is where we’ll likely spend the majority of our time. When we’re emotionally invested in something, we make discoveries, experience happiness and distress, and are drawn further into the subject, giving more energy to it.

Take a moment and reflect on your life. Where are you emotionally invested? Is it in your projects, friends, children? Note down anything that fuels your emotions.

Now, how attracted are you to Krishna? Is He the focus of your life?

If you are not attracted to Krishna, you won’t be able to engage fully with Him, and thus you will soon move on to something different when the opportunity arises.

Fortunately, Krishna appears in this world just to attract the conditioned souls like you and me by His name, form, qualities and pastimes.

“When the Lord assumes a humanlike body to show mercy to His devotees, He engages in such pastimes as will attract those who hear about Him to become dedicated to Him.”
(Srimad Bhagavatam, 10.33.36)

Hearing the Lord’s glories and pastimes acts as a medicinal ointment that heals our spiritual blindness due to lack of attraction.

I heard how Srila Prabhupada applied this process on the nights of Janmastami when he was celebrating beside his young disciples. He had them read aloud the Krishna Book, taking turns. Because they were new, not all devotees had deep attraction to Krishna, and some fell asleep. But Srila Prabhupada encouraged the reading and hearing to go on regardless. His logic was: Although a tongue ill with the disease of jaundice can’t taste sugar, by repeatedly eating sugar the disease will go. Then the sweet taste will appear.

The path to Krishna consciousness is called “sruteksita” – seeing through hearing. Hence attraction is the key to gaining spiritual sight. Can you imagine a more ingenious doctor who restores in us the power to see with our ears? And not only is Krishna the perfect doctor, but His devotee is equally competent to treat our malady of unattraction.

The Enchanting Sweetness of Krishna

Krishna is the personification of all beauty. He manifests a sweetness and charm that is captivating and even stunning to the mind. When He takes His flute in His hand and begins to play in long drawn-out melodies, the inert living beings immediately respond by singing, while the vocal entities fall silent. Rivers stop flowing and freeze in their banks. Stationary objects like trees dance. And great mountains turn to liquid… This is amazing! Just imagine ecstatic mountains flowing your way!

People who saw Krishna would not pull their eyes from Him, although there were ample reasons to do so. One sacred text describes how Krishna in the evening enters a theater hall with His father, Nanda Baba, and His brother, Balarama. On the stage, acrobats, dancers and poets display their fascinating skills. “The audience started crying tears of love while drinking the moonbeams of Krishna’s sweet smile with the birds of their eyes. They had no eyes for anything else! However, they remained dissatisfied even after repeatedly drinking the nectar. Aho! How inconceivable are the ways of love!”

Divine Reciprocation

But this love is never one-sided. No, Krishna responds enthusiastically to each individual devotee! He expands to be with all His friends who wish to serve Him. When they sit down for a picnic on the banks of the Yamuna, He shares with them delicacies from His own plate. He massages Balarama’s feet, not allowing anyone else the chance. He carries the shoes of His father on His head. He dances for His beloved gopis. And so much more!

Inconceivable are the ways of His divine reciprocation which He mentions briefly in the Bhagavad-gita (4.11), “ye yatha mam prapadyante…”

What we can do this Janmastami?

So how to increase our attraction? By immersing ourselves in hearing more and more about Krishna. Srila Prabhupada writes in this connection:

“The age of Kali is full of sinful reactions, and people are more and more addicted to the qualities of this age, but simply by hearing and chanting of Krishna-katha one is sure to go back to Godhead. Therefore, people should be trained to hear only Krishna-katha – by all means – in order to get relief from all miseries.”

This coming Janmastami is a perfect day to switch off our mobile phones - at least for some time - and reduce listening to the temporary tidings of this world. Instead, let us immerse ourselves in hearing about Krishna. Especially on this day, we will be amazed what happens. Why not solve our biggest problem, cure our greatest suffering, and fall in love with Krishna?


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