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Kartik Inspirations 2018 - Day 15

The Key to Bhakti

By Sacinandana Swami

I’m sitting here in Vrindavan and have committed all my time and energy to chanting many rounds of the Holy Name. As I’m doing this, I find that the key to bhakti is not quantitative effort, but a certain mood of meekness or humility, with which one turns to the Lord.

At the end of their song, the gopis express their desire: “O Krishna, You called us, but then You disappeared into the dark forest. We cannot tolerate being separated from You. Please, come back.”

At the end of this wonderful song, Krishna still hasn’t come back, so they go to the banks of the Yamuna. They first sing His Holy Names, but then, when they see that even the sankirtan (singing together) doesn’t bring Krishna back, they just sit down and cry, su-svaram, it’s said, with a beautiful sound. This is when the Lord again appeared in front of them. Narayana Bhatta, famous for discovering the holy places in Vrindavan, says that this particular episode shows that the Lord can be obtained simply by turning to and crying for Him.

One of the commentators of the Bhagavatam says something, which I think is relevant to all of us, in all situations. He says: “Lord Hari is not pleased with someone simply because of that person’s wealth of spiritual practice. No, the meekness of devotees is the sole cause of achieving Hari´s satisfaction. And once He´s satisfied, He ends all difficulties. Everywhere.” This is the key. This deep meekness which gives birth to eagerness: “Oh, I’m not so qualified and now I turn to You, my Lord. Please, be kind upon me.” This pleases Krishna, and once He is satisfied, everything changes.

Link to Soundcloud available here: https://www.sacinandanaswamipilgrimage.com/kartik-inspirations-2018/


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