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Kartik Inspirations 2018 - Day 16

In the Kitchen of God

By Sacinandana Swami

Yesterday I was a guest in the temple high up on the hill of Nandagram. The people in Vrindavan say that this place is the parliament of Vrindavan, where all practical decisions are made by Krishna and Balarama. I was invited to see everything. I saw the kitchen where a fire burns since hundreds of years. Then I saw Krishna and Balarama’s dining room, which can also be seen through a small window from the kitchen, through which Srimati Radharani is said to look and feast Her eyes on Krishna.

We were invited to eat in this dining room. Addressing a blissful elderly lady in the kitchen, I remarked, “Wow, I’m in the kitchen of God!” She looked at me and replied: “Wrong – this is the kitchen of His mother, Yashoda. We see Krishna as a small boy here. It is not His kitchen. It’s the kitchen of His mother.”

One priest sat down next to me and asked: “Have you noticed? The food is not very spicy because in our eyes Krishna is a little boy and boys of that age should not eat very hot food, it’s not good for their stomachs.” I was very confident and ate everything without testing it, until I came to one soup. This soup was so hot that a flame came from my mouth which almost went all the way down to Vrindavan town. But everything else was spiced softly. This gives us a little insight into the nature of how devotees here in Vrindavan relate to Krishna – in a very, very personal way.
When I took the last darshan of the temple, I saw Krishna and Balarama were dressed with unusual looking hats and the priest explained: “Well, when He sleeps, we pull the hat over His eyes so that it’s really dark and He can sleep well.” They are very, very personal and I could give many more examples.

I want to ask you today: “When was the last time you were personal with Krishna?” Turning to Krishna in a personal way, to my Krishna, is one of the crucial secrets of bhakti.

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