"Meditation is a method to enter into
the sacred space of the heart, wherein the
entirety of the spiritual world awaits you."
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Japa Inspirations Day 1 - In Divine Company

Welcome to our Japa inspirations!

When we sit down to chant, it is important that we arrive, that we are present, that we tune ourselves in. All of us have busy lives, and life echoes in our mind when we sit down. We think of conversations we have had, things to do, and so on. Often our mind is somewhere else. When we sit down, it is very important to tune ourselves in, to exit our world of concerns, activities, many, many thoughts, and to be there with the Holy Name.

Sometimes when new devotees start to chant, they are concerned about the number of rounds they must chant. Obviously we all need to commit to a number to be steady in our practice, but when we chant, we needn’t think about numbers. It is not a counting game. It is about entering into sacred company—of  Radha and Krishna, Gaura Nitai, Lord Nrsimhadev, and our spiritual masters.

When you chant, you should know that Krishna immediately becomes attentive to you. He is listening. When you say “Hare Krishna,” He is hearing,  and immediately a connection is established. It is said in the Adi Purana that Krishna keeps the names of the chanters in a list in His own heart. Yes, chanting means to be in the best company! And as you are chanting, you should be aware, and think, “This is my time to be together with Radha and Krishna. This is my time to be together with God. This is my sacred time. This is the time which is most important, and I hope this time will one day extend into eternity where I am always, constantly in the presence of my Lord.”

In japa, the main thing is to exit the mundane concerns and worldly things, to be consciously attentive, and to think: “I am now together with Krishna!”

To listen to the audio recording, follow this link: https://soundcloud.com/sacinandanaswami/ji-1-in-divine-company


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