"Meditation is a method to enter into
the sacred space of the heart, wherein the
entirety of the spiritual world awaits you."
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Nectar Prayers

Rama Nama

It is well known that the Lord’s name is the most compassionate - even more merciful than the Lord´s form. Here is an ancient prayer to Lord Rama’s name, which I found in one of my many notebooks where I had written down numerous gems of inspiration.

Lord Rama built a long bridge across the ocean, to transport many monkeys and bears over
the waters
but by Rama Nama unlimited numbers of souls have crossed the ocean of samsara.

Lord Rama conferred immortality to his faithful servants like Sabari and Jatayu
but Rama Nama has delivered many wretched people without asking for any qualification.

Lord Rama killed demons like Ravana, Kara and Dushasana
but Rama Nama has extinguished innumerable demonic qualities.

Lord Rama touched and liberated one Akalya, who was imprisoned in stone
but Rama Nama has broken down so many prison walls of Maya.

Lord Rama purified forests like Chitrakuta and Dandakaranya
Rama Nama however has cleansed so many jungles of the heart.

Lord Rama gave shelter to Bibhishana and Sugriva
Rama Nama however has sheltered uncountable souls.

It is an open secret that Rama’s name has qualities like forgiveness and compassion
- qualities that the nirguna brahman lacks.

All glories to Lord Rama and His Name.

(April 2012)

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