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Nectar Prayers

Entry Key

By Sacinandana Swami

Once Srila Prabhupada wrote that no one could enter the sacred land of Vrindavan by any mechanical way - that is by bus, train or any other means of transportation.

In the Krishna book he explains: "Actually, one cannot go to Vrindavan by purchasing a ticket." (Krishna Book, Chapter 37)

Then what is the entry key - one might ask. The answer is - bhakti: service in a devotional attitude.

One of the 9 ways of bhakti is vandanam - prayer. 

When I arrived in Delhi (by plane), I was sent the following prayer to Srimati Radharani by a good friend of mine.

I said this prayer, fell asleep in the taxi, and the next thing I knew was that I woke up in Vrindavan detoxicated from the West. The entry key had worked.


"O beautiful and young Radhe (Kisori) You are innocent and full of sweet love for Krishna. Please sprinkle a drop of Your mercy upon me.

I am helpless and poor, but You are the embodiment of love and very kind. There is no need for me to approach anybody else for help, as I know, no one will attend to this miserable soul.

I do not hesitate to perform sinful activities, nor do I concentrate my mind on remembering You. With folded hands I pray, "O Radha! Please keep me near You". But for You no one could have changed my destiny.

Whether I am bad or good, know that I am Yours and other than You I see no one as my well-wisher. O daughter of king Vrsabhanu! Please take good care of me. I, the leader of the most fallen, humbly seek Your shelter.

Please give me the gopi´s love for Krsna as alms and somehow make me Yours. I will spend my entire life singing your glories. Tears will flow from my eyes and I will rise to the highest spiritual ecstasy."

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