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Meditation on Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu

By Sacinandana Swami

Celebrate – oh Celebrate!

People of the world celebrate – oh celebrate! The son of Maharaja Nanda has taken birth in Mayapura, taking on the golden complexion and mood of Sri Radha. Inside He is Krsna, outside Radha. He wishes to flood the whole universe with love for Krishna.

When He suddenly realized that his brother Balarama was hiding in the house of Nandanacharya, he ran there and when the two brothers reunited, they started the sankirtana movement of calling out to Hari: “Where are you?”

Oh, what sweetness is there in the Holy Name? Like the monsoon rains which do not distinguish between the qualified or the not, Gaura-Nitai were intoxicated by the nectar of the Name and distributed it freely even to sinners, dull people and children. Everyone forgot about their misery and grief.

For 24 years Lord Caitanya made Mayapur happy by living there and spreading the essence of all dharma. Then He suddenly left in search of the Lord of His heart. And just like the residents of Vraja who cried when Krishna left them, now the people of Mayapur were beating their chest in pain. Tears were flowing incessantly from their eyes till the Lord came to them in the night. In their dreams He said to them: “I am always with you! Take the Name of Krishna, that is the best worship. I shall never be separated from those who chant.”

When Lord Caitanya arrived in Puri, He remembered how Krishna had hidden in Vraja from Sri Radha. Now He was wandering along the shores of the dark blue ocean, in the mood of His most Beloved, searching everywhere for Himself and cried: “Where are you Krishna, treasure of my life?” Such are the mysteries of love.

Radharani is the Supreme beloved of Krishna and Krishna is bound by Her love. To give that love to people of this age, Krishna mercifully manifested the pastimes of Lord Gauranga.

Do not worry! He does not discriminate between the high nor the low, those with great merit or practically no sadhana. To one and all His call reaches them sweetly:

“Take the Holy Name, serve the devotees and be kind to all. I will rescue you from the great danger of Maya, and remove all material desires and offenses from your heart.”

Therefore with arms raised up to the sky I sing: “People of the world, celebrate, oh celebrate because you have been born in the Age of Kali, which is the best, for you can collect the treasure of love from my Gaura!”

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