Bhakti Rasayana - Spiritual Tonic

Bhakti Rasayana - Spiritual Tonic
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Bhakti Rasayana - Spiritual Tonic (Hardbound + Music CD by Sacidevi)

Krishna consciousness is more than a physical culture or a sociological movement; it is a culture of absorption. The entire point of Krishna consciousness is to absorb the mind.

The more one knows about the personality of the Lord, the better one can absorb one’s mind in chanting his holy name.
The bhakti-rasayana verses are a way to increase our knowledge about Krishna, his holy abode, his associates, and his pastimes in Vrindavan.
While meditating on them and simultaneously continuing to chant the holy name, our minds and hearts can be completely immersed in the nectarean ocean of prema-rasa.

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