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Appearance Day of Radhakund

By Sacinandana Swami

The scriptures say that anyone who faithfully baths during the appearance day in Radha-kunda is blessed with prema-bhakti like that of the intimate personal servants of Srimati Radharani. There are many accounts of Radhakunda’s appearance in this world, which have been given by the great devotees. One such description is given in Vraja-riti-cintamani:

In the course of Their transcendental pastimes, the ocean of Radha’s and Krishna’s love overflooded and two transcendental drops fell directly to earth forming two transcendental lakes. Anyone who takes a bath in them will receive a spiritual seed in their hearts, that will grow into the desire tree of pure devotional service – with the rare fruit of pure love for Krishna.

These divine lakes are a direct “import” from the spiritual world. By any contact with them we enter into the spiritual dimension – something which is only reserved to the greatest yogis and devotees. Thus they are portals to Goloka Vrindavan.

It is obvious that not everyone of you can come to Radhakunda on the 12th of October to take a sacred bath. Is there another way to benefit from an indirect contact with these two reservoirs of divine love? Yes! You can go there in your mind and take a mental bath. Here is how you can do it:

Step 1 Look at a photo or any other picture of Radhakund

Step 2 In your mind’s eyes approach the lake and first respectfully sprinkle three drops of water on your head

Step 3 Recite the following mantra (or another prayer glorifying Radhakunda). If you are not familiar with Sanskrit, English will suffice

sarva-papa-haras tirthani

namaste hari-muktidah

namah kaivalya-nathaya


“O Sri Radha-kunda! O Sri Syama-kunda! You destroy all sins within the heart and fill it with one-pointed love. From the very core of my being I offer my humble obeisances to you again and again.”

(Varaha Purana)

Step 4 Immerse yourself fully

Step 5 Mentally cup your two palms, take some water and offer it back to Radhakund with the following understanding:

“All I have is your mercy only. So in order to worship you, I take what is already yours and thus humbly make my offering. Please accept me in your service.”

Step 6 At the end offer your obeisances to Radhakund

Now your bath is complete. What a great blessing!

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