"We all know how to hear
but a few people know how to listen."
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Gauranga Meditation

By Sacinandana Swami

When will Lord Gaurahari appear in my meditation and lovingly place His lotus feet in my heart?

His golden effulgence eclipses the splendor of one million lightning flashes. His face is so stunningly beautiful that the full autumn moon wants to hide in embarrassment immediately after it has arisen.

His eyes are like two bumblebees, who feel irresistibly drawn to land on the glistening lotus flower of Lord Jagannatha’s smiling face.

As He ecstatically chants the Holy Name of Lord Krishna, He is tossed about by high waves of ecstasy in the ocean of love.

Streams of tears flow from His eyes while wave after wave draws Him deeper into the kirtan of His own names and qualities.

When He dances, the restless movements of His feet amaze even Lord Shiva, the supreme dancer. The dust arisen from the earth covers Sri Gauracandra as Bhumi’s beautiful offering of flowers… What a nectar shower for the mind!

Again and again He calls out with His hands gesturing towards the Lord of the spiritual sky: “O Krishna, O Mukunda, Murari, O Vanamali – where are You now?”

The light radiating from His lotus toenails uproots the darkness in the hearts of everyone in the universe who remembers Him even slightly, bringing waves of bliss from the ocean of His love. His compassionate words and glance completely drive out all the fear of material existence.

Lord Gaurahari is more purifying than the celestial Yamuna. He is sweeter than madhuka nectar. And more cooling than the winds from the Ganga.

Like a mother who does not distinguish between her various children, He is full of affection for everyone who merely turns to Him.

When will that Lord appear in my meditation and lovingly place His lotus feet within my darkened heart?

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