"How does one become a butterly? -
You must desire to fly so much that you
give up being a caterpillar."
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Poems by Sacinandana Swami

This Happens Again and Again

By Sacinandana Swami

Once God came to the earth

To give his love to the man

In the last house of the street.

Weeks went by, then months,

Until the man’s cheeks turned into beautiful roses

Like a young expectant bride.

He would not speak about it

But his eyes shone like the sun and the moon.

Strange things happened around

His house near the forest.

People saw flocks of peacocks.

His fruit trees would grow new fruits

After the old ones had fallen.

And an atmosphere of calm and love

Came into the heart of all who passed by – even the critics.

The night stars went crazy with bliss

And threw themselves across the sky.

Once the local priest came by – sceptical and worried

And saw the man sitting outside in the sun, smiling.

Going mad with excitement.

Singing and dancing, he shouted: I have seen! I have seen!

The priest told his colleagues from the school in town.

They came to inspect the man and compare his words

With their texts of right and wrong.

They all declared: Impossible! He is a charlatan!

And so it goes, since time immemorial…

But God keeps visiting the earth again and again.

And He leans over His creation

Like the mother over the bed of her small baby.

Whispering: Grow, grow, grow.

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