"Consciousness makes
all the difference."
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Poems by Sacinandana Swami

A Vision in Kirtan

Today, I remember the times when I sang kirtan in the presence of my spiritual master. Oh, those were magical kirtans, where the world stood still and then just disappeared. So much dancing, so many exceptional emotions, such profound insights…Recently I felt his presence again when I sang in kirtan. He was there…

A Vision in Kirtan

Everyone around in ecstasy
with closed eyes
seeing what only the heart can see:

I need You, exclusively.
I want You, exclusively.
I choose only You – really.
And even I am touched.
The veil was lifted for a short time
And the Lord was present.

As I bask in the
glory of the moment,
a golden saint walks from the crowd,
My master.

He is the friend of the Lord.
He knows Him.
He loves Him.

There are clouds rumbling in his heart,
sometimes crying, sometimes dancing.
A thunderstorm of love.

Maybe what has been given to me
is not actually mine
but simply a glimpse into his reality.

On my own,
I am deaf to the whispered message carried by the rain of love
I don’t know how to sing.
I don’t know how to dance.

But I can stand behind the saint,
and sometimes the veil will open
by his will…

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