"Consciousness makes
all the difference."
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Motherly Vrindavana

I love going on pilgrimage because it makes me feel more real. The journey of a pilgrim addresses the actual most important question: How to attain the greatest, most fulfilling life and overcome all obstacles on the way?


Upon looking at my qualification
I sometimes want to give up trying
but can anything be “impossible”
when one is accepted in the land of Krishna?

Take courage, fold your hands, and pray:
I am filled with great faults.
I do not possess even the slightest trace of virtue.
Alas! It is not proper for the merciful devotees to even glance upon me.
Again and again I have committed inexcusable offenses to you.
Still, O Vrindavana, you are like my mother,
and I am like your son. Please do not abandon me.

(Prayer by Prabodhananda Saraswati, Sri Vrindavana-mahimamrta, Sataka 10, text 96)

Don’t forget, even a single grain of dust in Vrindavana
has the power to show you the Divine Couple…


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