"There is no misery as great as
attachment. There is no
happiness as fine as detachment."
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Kartik Inspiration 2019 Day 3 - Krishna’s Message to You

By Sacinandana Swami

Krishna’s Message to You

Yesterday I rode my red bicycle to a holy place where I could chant a bit in seclusion. On the way I saw a devotee I knew and he stopped me and asked, “Maharaja, just a minute. How much time do you think will pass before I reach spiritual perfection? Will it be in the next life or the life after that?”

I reflected and then answered, “See, I don’t think your approach is proper. So many spiritualists are occupied with the afterlife. When will I go back to Godhead? When will I take up my eternal form and go into the direct service of the Divine Couple? Or in other religions: What does paradise look like? Will there really be milk flowing in rivers?“

These spiritualists are so concerned with their afterlife that they forget the now. Bhakti has to happen in the now, in the present moment. Bhakti is not about a distant God, attained somewhere at some distant time, in the future. No, it’s about the close God.

Krishna makes it very clear in the Gita that He is situated in everyone’s heart and that by bhakti alone one can come to know Him. And bhakti has to happen now. I have to act for Krishna now. I have to use my body, mind and heart now and I have to have the desire to please Him now.

In an interesting episode from the Damodara pastimes the demigods observed how Krishna was tied up and controlled by His mother. They wondered, “What is Krishna doing being bound by a rope?” Krishna looked at them and explained, “Listen, I like it when my devotees bind Me out of love. Mother Yashoda thought, ‘If I don’t control my boy, He will become restless and too cheeky. Now He only steals butter, but what will He do in the future?’ It’s love which motivates Yashoda. I don’t like ceremonial puja with golden and jeweled articles. I don’t appreciate the hymns which are spoken to Me in Vaikuntha. I do not really like the sacrifices which people do on altars made of gold. I want the love of my devotees.” This was Krishna’s message. 

The Lord is hidden within our hearts as the greatest secret. But when He sees that the devotee approaches Him with a genuine attitude, genuine bhakti, He can no longer stay in the heart. He comes out, ready to interact with His devotees. 

Link to Soundcloud: https://www.sacinandanaswamipilgrimage.com/kartik-inspirations-2019/

(Photo by Ananta Vrindavan Das)


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