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Kartik Inspiration 2019 Day 15 - Prayers Are Answered

By Sacinandana Swami

Prayers Are Answered

The power of prayer cannot be overestimated. This morning I opened my prayer book and I read this genuine prayer by Narottama Dasa Thakura, “O Lord of my heart, please hear, oh please hear my prayer. You are the Supreme Lord. Please, do not reject me. Even if I commit offenses, still You are my only protector. Please, give me some insignificant service and consider me Your own.

Prayers quickly bring us in contact with the buried self. What do I mean? Our real core, our essence is often covered by many concerns, worries, anxieties, plans and desires. But in prayer we are lead to a deeper level and we connect with the desires of the soul. Then the devotee understands, “I have no other hope, no other shelter.”

Narottama gives the example of the husband-wife relationship from earlier times. He says, “Even if I am an offender, You are my only hope. Just as the husband is the only hope for the wife.” In previous times, if a wife was quarrelsome or mistakenly said unpleasant things, the wife had no one else to turn to besides her husband. Even her relatives would tell her, “Go back and resolve the situation with your husband.” She also didn’t want any other shelter. But mistakes happen and the husband of course, would forgive his quarrelsome wife. That is natural.

In the same way, Krishna will forgive His devotee because the devotee has no one else, he is faithful, he is chaste to Krishna. And such a prayer will always be heard. Especially in Vrindavan I have seen prayers are heard instantaneously. You may go to a temple and you may say, “I would love to have the main offering, the one with all the good preparations.” And then, hours later someone from the temple will come and say, “Hey, here is a plate of very nice raja bhoga, the mid-day offerings for you.” This happened to a devotee I met yesterday.

Prayers, whatever they are, are quickly heard. It is the law of reciprocation. Krishna may just be waiting for you to formulate a prayer - let it come from deep within and reveal your genuine desire.

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