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Kartik Inspiration 2019 Day 16 - A Happy Dying Man

By Sacinandana Swami

A Happy Dying Man

This morning I visited a dying man. I learned two things. Firstly, he really did not want to leave the holy place he is staying at. He has given his life to Radharani and now that his body is troubled, he thinks, ‘Let me not take shelter anywhere else. I want to take shelter at the only safe shelter.’

He told me, “We all have to die and a few more days don’t make a difference. What makes a difference is the way we die and where. Is it a powerful place or a place with less spiritual power and blessings than those of Vrindavan?”

The second thing I learned, was what a difference our mindset makes at the time of death. I know this man well, I have been meeting him in Vrindavan every year. At first it was shocking to see him in such an invalid state, overcome by a crippling disease. But then I saw the light in his eyes and heard the happiness in his broken voice, and I understood that this man was blessed beyond apparent things like health. He was blessed with eternity.

The Western world doesn’t know much about the boon of the mind shift from things we will anyways loose like health, wealth, connections, relationships and fame, to being sure in our moment of departure, that we are going back. “We are leaving central prison,” someone recently said. This boon, this eternal blessing, that comes from the self, brings ultimate safety and security.

Seeing this happy dying man, eyes fixed on eternity, his body almost trembling with joy, was a valuable lesson for me.

Link to Soundcloud: https://www.sacinandanaswamipilgrimage.com/kartik-inspirations-2019/


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