"There comes a time for each of us, when
everything seems shallow, except the
longing of our soul to find its own true path."
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Kartik Inspiration 2019 Day 19 - Increase the Silence

By Sacinandana Swami

Increase the Silence

You should see me recording these Kartik inspirations. I sit under a mosquito net tent over which I placed a blanket to block out any noise, which is so ever-present here in India. I want to have the best recording quality possible for all of you. Right now, for instance, I can hear fire crackers outside because people are in anticipation of Diwali. Or sometimes a water buffalo makes unearthly sounds, or neighbors communicate loudly from one house to another. India is loud. So, yes, we want to make sure that these noises will not be disturbing on the recording.

Isn’t this a good analogy for the whole idea of going on a retreat? We want to stop the noises - the noises that are inside our mind from morning till evening, the constant mental chatter. This is an important project for anyone who wants to disconnect from the constant mental chatter and listen to an original voice - the voice of the self. The quieter your mind becomes, the better you can hear the Lord in the heart.

There are various ways to increase the silence:

1) One is to chant with no material sound around you. If you chant, chant and chant the Holy Names, something beautiful will happen.

2) Another good way of becoming silent in terms of material sound vibration is to consciously speak only about spiritual topics, like Krishna, or words that are beneficial to others. On the one hand, you will notice that by this simple practice you will remain aloof from useless thoughts and arguments. And on the other hand, the mind will actually become peaceful and you will be able to develop totally new perspectives. This works by not feeding your mind with material sound, but by putting either spiritual sound or beneficial talk into your ears and mind instead. You will change and actually become a very happy person.

After hearing this Kartik inspiration, please regulate what comes out of your mouth: either silence or beneficial sound which will stop the mental noise.

Link to Soundcloud: https://www.sacinandanaswamipilgrimage.com/kartik-inspirations-2019/


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