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Kartik Inspiration 2019 Day 20 - Someone is Watching

By Sacinandana Swami

Someone is Watching

One of the greatest insights I have made so far is that I’m not the seer or doer. I’m the seen and I’m moved by the Lord. Going through life, for most of the time we have the wrong understanding that we are moving everything, planning, arranging the world around us, as if the Lord didn’t exist. But there is someone there with a much greater perception than we have. Rumi expresses this nicely when he compares himself with an ant who can’t really perceive that much. He says, “I was a black ant on a black stone in the dark universe. But You found me.” An ant can’t understand or even perceive a human being who, on the other hand, can look at it and do many things that are inconceivable to the ant. In the same way we don’t see or understand Krishna Who looks at us all the time.

There is a beautiful verse which one says when one steps in front of the altar, folds his or her hands and prays to the Lord: “Oh, my Lord, look at me! I’m standing on the other side of the river of birth and death. Please, I’m under the control of the snake of time. Look at me, place Your auspicious glance on me and awaken me to real spiritual life.”

It’s good to understand that the Lord is always with us. He is right there in our heart. He is with everyone and equal to everyone, totally impartial, without likes or dislikes. But in the Bhagavad-gita the Lord explains, ye bhajanti tu mam bhaktya mayi te tesu capy aham, “If someone is engaged in devotional service to Me, then I give up My impartiality.” In other words, we are in a close relationship.

This gives me a lot of spiritual enthusiasm when I chant. I recommend that you go through your day with this understanding – that the Lord is there, He is the Sakshi, the Witness, the One Who sees you. And when He sees that you turn towards Him a little, like for instance with the Kartik ceremonies you all do, He turns towards you very much, He comes running into your direction. He is no longer neutral, impartial. No, He becomes active as your friend for your spiritual upliftment.

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