"There comes a time for each of us, when
everything seems shallow, except the
longing of our soul to find its own true path."
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Kartik Inspiration 2019 Day 22 - Inner Churning

By Sacinandana Swami

Inner Churning

As you increase your spiritual practice, it is unavoidable that some inner churning is initiated: the churning of the mind and the heart. This means that things come up, which you may not have been aware of, things that are not always encouraging spiritually. 

Don’t become discouraged when this happens. It is necessary for you to become aware of things in order to become purified. My spiritual master´s teacher, Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur, said: “It is a secondary consequence of chanting the Holy Name for mundane thoughts to appear and then to gradually dissipate. Therefore, one should not worry about this.”

As you continue to chant something wonderful takes place: the mirror of your heart, which used to reflect only mundane things, becomes purified so it can suddenly reflect spiritual things. You remember things you have heard, see the form of the Lord and an inner display of Krishna consciousness arises. Krishna will even show Himself in His auspicious transcendental form and finally you will attain full realization of your spiritual identity and your role in Krishna’s amazing world and pastimes.

So - churning is good. It’s natural and highly advantageous because it brings you to the perception of spiritual reality.

Link to Soundcloud: https://www.sacinandanaswamipilgrimage.com/kartik-inspirations-2019/


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