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Kartik Inspiration 2019 Day 24 - Pull the Anchor

By Sacinandana Swami

Pull the Anchor

On the one hand, we want to move forward in spiritual life, but on the other hand attachments are keeping us where we are. In this connection, Srila Praphupada often used the example of rowing. If you want the boat to move, you can invest your efforts and row intensely, but as long as the anchor is not pulled, you will stay in place.

Let us reflect: Is there anything in our lives that acts as an anchor?
• An activity that doesn’t suit us any more?
• A relationship that just takes, instead of giving us energy?
• A job we should exchange for a better one?
• A habit, like eating too much or not doing physical exercises?
• Something in relation to our spiritual practice?

Now, when we hear about giving up attachments, we may become anxious because the attachments seem to have become a part of us, even though they don’t serve us. They appear like a limb of our body and to get rid of them seems impossible.
I have very good news for you! Harmful attachments go away on their own when you turn to Krishna. Why? Because you will soon experience a higher taste, which will make it easy for you to give up the lower taste.

Today I read an inspiring verse about this topic in the Bhagavatam (10.14.36): “As long as people don’t turn to You, their attachments are like thieves.” This means our attachments steal our aspirations to worship and go deep in spiritual life. The verse continues saying, “... and as long as people don’t put You in the center, their houses remain prisons and the illusions in which they are caught are like shackles, chains and iron balls.”

As soon as we put Krishna in the center, we lose other attachments. Maybe some of you already noticed this just by the simple practices you’re doing during Kartik. Since you are connecting with Krishna, old attachments which no longer suit you, leave you for good. Try to establish a higher taste and you will see the lower tastes will go.

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