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Japa Inspirations Day 5 - The Lord´s Appearance in Three Ways

When dealing with Lord Krishna it is important to understand that, in fact, He can be with us and He can be close to us. He can come and have a relationship with His devotee.

There is a very important section in the ancient work Sri Caitanya Chandrodaya Nataka where the question is asked: How does the Lord appear to His devotees? The answer is that the Lord grants His mercy to the world in three ways:

First, by directly appearing before His devotee;
Second, by personally entering His devotee’s heart;
and third, by appearing in His devotee’s thoughts.

So when we sit down and do our japa, we should understand that if we chant mindfully, if we connect with Krishna and do this japa in a devotional and surrendered mood, then the Lord will certainly be there. He will not be absent. I have met many devotees both in India and Europe, and also in America, who have told me that when they seriously turned to the Lord, the Lord appeared in their thoughts.

We know that whenever the Lord is, in whatever way, He is present. I wish that while you do your japa, you have a picture of the Lord or Deities before you. In this way—or, you can just pray—you will also feel the presence of the Lord. 

To listen to the audio recording, follow this link: https://soundcloud.com/sacinandanaswami/ji-5-the-lord_s-appearance


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