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Japa Inspirations Day 25 - Anchoring and Changing the Heart

Welcome to this japa inspiration!

As we all know, the heart is influenced by our experiences. Pleasurable experiences, like meeting a friend and having a meaningful, deeply inspiring conversation, expand the heart. Attacks by others, traumas, and unhappy events contract the heart. We even only need to remember the pleasurable experiences and our heart expands. And vice versa—remembrance of bad events contracts the heart.

Now, ask yourself the question: What happens if you plant the Holy Name within the heart field? To put the Holy Name inside the heart has two effects: first, the mind, gets anchored. And second, it transforms.

Therefore, the Holy Name is compared with a touchstone. Touch a touchstone to iron, and the iron changes into gold. Bring the nama cintamani (the touchstone of the Holy Name) inside the heart, keep it there, and the heart will be totally transformed.

Bhaktivinoda Thakura sings in great happiness: “The touchstone of Sri Nama is equal to You, oh, Krishna! You have distributed this treasure house of mercy throughout the entire creation.”

Try to do this one practice during your japa: bring the Holy Name inside the centre of our heart, the core, and just focus there. After some time, you will see and feel the heart expanding. The sun of the Holy Name is making its appearance!

To listen to the audio recording, follow this link:https://soundcloud.com/sacinandanaswami/ji-25-anchoring-and-changing-the-hearthttps://soundcloud.com/sacinandanaswami/ji-25-anchoring-and-changing-the-heart


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