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Kartik Inspirations Day 1 - Entering Vrindavan Through the Krishna Balaram Mandir

Welcome to day 1 of the Kartik Inspirations.

This is the first day. I’m sitting on an island—not in India, not in Vrindavan, but I know that one can mentally go there and derive the benefit of the holy place. There are many examples of persons who mentally, by meditation, went to Vrindavan. I remember that when my exalted spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada, was in America, one lady asked him, “Swamiji, are you with us, are you here?” And he answered, “No, I’m always in Vrindavan, at that beautiful place by the banks of the Yamuna.”

Two weeks ago we did something like that in Germany. We went around a lake, sat down in various places, and remembered sacred places in Vrindavan. We closed our eyes, went there in meditation, and felt really joyful, really uplifted.

Ok, time to be practical.

I request you to find a peaceful place, sit tall, and

in your mind’s eye go through the main gate of the Krishna Balaram temple property.

On your left side is the Samadhi Mandir of that great soul who brought bhakti to the west—Srila Prabhupada.

Go inside, pay your obeisances and ask for blessings to move on.

Now, move into the temple courtyard. There is the beautiful tamal tree with overarching branches.

Move on, climb a few steps upwards and look at the three altars.

On the left side, Sri Sri Gaura Nitai; in the centre, the altar of Krishna Balaram; and on your right side, Sri Sri Radha Syamasundar.

Move towards your favorite altar and now, look at Krishna!

He smiles.

His lotus eyes are gazing at you and you’re bathing in that merciful glance.

Take a moment now and offer your prayer.


When you are ready, open your eyes and come back to room awareness.

I think we all can feel that by doing a meditation like this, we are actually in some ways there, because ultimately you are where your mind is. During the month of Kartikwe will have daily Kartik Inspirations where I will provide you with tips for practices, observances, and anything you might be doing to take the greatest benefit of this month of blessings.

See you tomorrow!



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