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Kartik Inspirations Day 6 - Vrindavan Dust

Welcome to our Kartik Inspirations day 6.

The whole idea of these inspirations is to help us go to Vrindavan. If we cannot physically go to Vrindavan, we can go there in our mind. To go there you still need permission. Only with the permission of the five gatekeepers of Vrindavan can you enter what is really Vrindavan—a state of consciousness where Krishna is in the center.

The first of these five gatekeepers, or threshold guardians, is the dust of Vrindavan.

I think we all know that in order to approach Krishna we have to take a humble position, be willing to come down from our position of prestige, and beg for mercy. Mercy always flows from a higher level to a lower level. So we have to take on the humble position to obtain mercy, and that means: Get down! Bow down!

The ideal example of someone who went to Vrindavan is Akrura, who, when he saw the lotus footprints of Krishna, jumped from his chariot and rolled on the ground.

Srila Prabhupada discusses this. He writes in Krishna Book “One who intends to visit Vrindavan should follow the ideal footsteps of Akrura and always think of the pastimes and activities of the Lord. As soon as one reaches the boundary of Vrindavan, he should immediately smear the dust of Vrindavan over his body, without thinking about his material position and prestige. Actually, one cannot go to Vrindavan by purchasing a ticket. The process of going to Vrindavan is shown by Akrura.”

Why is the dust of Vrindavan so special? Prabhupada said “It’s not different from Krishna. When you take a little dust from Vrindavan Dhama, it means you are taking the dust from Krishna’s lotus feet.” And at another time he said “You can’t get your desires fulfilled by material dust, like the dust from Hyderabad. But in Vrindavan, even from the dust, if you want anything, it will be delivered immediately.”

Yes, Krishna gives His love through various ways: playing on His flute and calling His devotees, and He gives His love to all of us in this world by manifesting the Vedic scriptures, which are reliable guides to again go back to Him. But one special way in which He gives His love is through His lotus feet, which are worshipable and which have touched the dust of Vrindavan when He was there.

The dust of Vrindavan is also full with the impressions of the great devotees who walked there. As a practical exercise, I would like to suggest to all of you: if you have, take a little dust from Vrindavan and sprinkle it over your head every day. You might obtain it from friends who know and have Vrindavan dust. Really, have contact with the dust, where you are also really bowing down, forgetting your prestige, who you are in this world. But remembering “I’m actually, in my truest essence, the servant of Krishna.” This coming down to the humble position is the way of entering Vrindavan Dhama. And the dust helps you there.

That was the first Vrindavana gatekeeper. Tomorrow there will be the second. See you all tomorrow.



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