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Kartik Inspirations Day 7 - Sacred River Yamuna

Welcome to our Kartik inspirations day 7.

We have spoken about the five powerful gatekeepers that can give us permission to enter the spiritual dimension of Vrindavan. Today we will introduce the sacred river Yamuna. She possesses unlimited potency to bless us, just like the dust and like another gatekeeper who will be introduced tomorrow.

All spiritual traditions know of the power of sacred rivers or sacred lakes. One can take one’s bath there and become free from all types of unwanted contaminations. If you go to the river Yamuna in Vrindavan today, you will see her most probably on three levels. On one level, one cannot fail to see that she is a river in an environmental crisis. So much dirt is deposited in her. But that’s not what a sacred river is. On the second level she is divine energy. And on the third level, the level the bhaktas or devotees of Krishna are most interested in, she is a divine goddess waiting for you.

Srila Prabhupada once said something very surprising. He said “Our Krishna Consciousness movement has established a center in Vrindavan so that one may bath in the Yamuna, chant the Hare Krishna mantra, and become perfect and return home to Godhead.”

This is how powerful a river bath, a bath in the sacred river of Yamuna, is. Let us do this now.
I request you to find a peaceful place and close your eyes.
In your mind’s eye go to the river Yamuna.
See her swift current, take in the atmosphere.
The sunrise is absolutely peaceful.
In the distance you hear the bells in the temples, and
you hear the sadhus chanting on her banks—some are bathing.
Now take some flowers and offer them.
And then you may take your sacred bath.
There is a mantra which accompanies the bath:

cid-ānanda-bhānoḥ sadā nanda-sūnoḥ

“O river Yamunā, you are the blissful spiritual water that gives love to the son of Nanda Mahārāja. You are the same as the water of the spiritual world, for you can vanquish all our mistakes and offenses and release us from the sinful reactions incurred in life. O daughter of the sun-god, kindly purify us.” (CC. Madhya 3.28)

Contacting Yamuna, taking a bath, and praying will guarantee that you will be able to enter the spiritual Vrindavan.

Tomorrow we will introduce yet another one of the five gatekeepers. See you all then.



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