"Entering the kirtan is like going aboard a
boat that quickly brings us to the sacred space
of the heart and into the presence of God."
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Kartik Inspirations Day 11 - Vrindadevi

Namo namah tulasi krsna-preyasi namo namah
Welcome to the Kartik inspirations, day 11.
Today we will introduce to you the fifth gatekeeper, Vrindadevi. She is depicted with a blue dress. In her left hand she holds a blue lotus flower and in her right hand she holds seeds, which she feeds one of her millions of parrots who run messenger services throughout Vrindavan.
In this world, Vrindadevi appears as a sacred Tulasi plant. Srila Praphupada requested all of us to sing Tulasi aratik daily, sometimes two times a day, because he wanted us to take shelter of this powerful gatekeeper of Vrindavan who can move us on. In the song there is a line, “It is my cherished desire—mora ei abhilāṣa, vilāsa kuñje dio vāsa—that you grant me residence in the pleasure groves of Vrindavan. Then my eyes shall always behold the abundant beauty of the Divine couple.”
Vrindadevi´s service as someone who brings persons to Vrindavan is very much visible in many pastimes. Let me share briefly one with you.
Once Narada Muni, the great devotee of Krishna, wanted to know what Krishna does in His own homeland, home in the sacred land of Braj. So he prayed to Vrindadevi, who then mercifully revealed herself. She said “If you want to behold Radha and Krishna in Their confidential pastimes, you need another body. Go to the north western corner of the Kusum Sarovar lake and take your bath.” When Narada Muni came out of the water, he was Naradi, a beautiful gopi, who could now proceed towards the heart of Vrindavan and have the wonderful darshan of Radha and Krishna.
In the last few days we looked at five gatekeepers, who can let us in, who can usher us to Vrindavan.
We started with the sacred dust, which is so sacred because Krishna touched it with His lotus feet and many, many devotees also. We looked at the sacred river Yamuna, then we heard how Siva took on the form of Gopisvara, then we heard of Purnamasi, and finally of Vrindadevi.
I encourage you to think about this one important point. With our mind and with our physical efforts we cannot go into the transcendental world. It is said in the Rg Veda, “From him words return and the mind and its thoughts also return—unfulfilled. They couldn´t express and couldn´t think about him.” But if we are ushered, through the borders which keep us in our world[ALC1] , then everything is possible. By the mercy of these five gatekeepers, blind people can see Radha and Krishna.
This was very exalted subject matter. Please think about it, and see you all tomorrow.



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