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Kartik Inspirations Day 12 - Searching for Krishna

Welcome to Kartik inspirations, day 12!

One of my fondest memories of a night in Vrindavan was when I actually couldn’t sleep. You might ask, “What happened?” Well, I had rested nicely, but then I was awakened by a kirtan-singing group of devotees who were going on Govardhan parikrama. And they were singing so beautifully, so longingly, and also so loudly that I could not go to sleep again after hearing them. During that time I remembered: the whole idea of Krishna Consciousness is actually to be awakened from the sleep of mechanic practice: when we don’t feel anything, when everything has become a duty and is just done out of a promise and in a rather mechanical way.

As I was spending the night in my room not wanting to go to sleep again, I was reminded of something which Prabhupada had said about the right mood of staying in Vrindavan. He said “The six Goswamis never said: I have seen Krishna! No! Instead while living in Vrindavan in their mature state of love of Godhead they constantly cried: Where is Radharani? Where are Lalita and Vishaka? Where are you, o, son of Nanda Maharaj? Where are you all?” And then he said “Vrindavan is in our hearts, and we must search for Krishna there.”

This searching, this feeling of not yet having attained something which is absolutely firing you up, inspiring you, is called, in Sanskrit, vipralambha. Vipra means “in the distance,” and alambanam means “to attain”. Vipralambha is that mood which helps you to attain Krishna, who normally is unattainable to the material senses. Because when you feel like this there is outwardly separation, but inwardly a feeling of being together with Krishna. And this is sparking everything we do. This “Krishna in the heart” mood is really empowering everything we do, so that we are able to let go of the innumerable distractions which we are busy with. The tyranny of the one thousand little things which keep us busy, but which are actually not really valuable for our spiritual advancement.

The six Goswamis of Vrindavan—they lived in this mood. They resided each night under a tree, they lived with very, very small amounts of food, they chanted the Holy Names, and they were enlivened by their transcendental mission. That is: to install Deities in the forested land of Vrindavan, to compile bhakti scriptures, and also to propagate the rules of devotional life. They also went around, sometimes with Deities who showed them the pastime places of Krishna.

What an inspired life! What a life that is so wonderful that if we can’t sleep at night, it’s no problem. It is worth that!

See you all tomorrow.



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