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Kartik Inspirations Day 13 - Srila Raghunatha’s Samadhi Vision

Welcome to Kartik inspirations, day 13.

Today we will be listening about Raghunath das Goswami, who lived on the banks of Radhakund and Syamakund for 41 years. It is described that he had a tremendous daily sadhana which included chanting 64 rounds of japa and offering 2,000 prostrated obeisances to the vaisnavas. Imagine—2000 times going down and embracing them. And then doing 1000 obeisances to the Lord, bathing thrice in Radhakund, and subsiding only on a few drops of buttermilk.

You will say: this is inconceivable! And it is, for most of us.  But when there is a pure soul who has realized more and more and more about his eternal identity, then gradually he loses all the connection with the material body and the dependency on the body. Just imagine: he slept only one and a half hours per day. Inconceivable! But if the light of Krishna consciousness increases in your consciousness, pervades your body, spiritualizes every single cell of it—you will find even in yourself the ability to not to be so dependent on material circumstances, because you are bathing each day in the nectarean floods of love of Godhead.

Now, Raghunath das Goswami left us with amazing scriptures where, in deep samadhi, he saw Radha and Krishna’s pastimes and described them in what is called “samadhi bhashya,” the language of samadhi. This language has the ability to transport us into another realm of consciousness. Let me give you one example.

Once Krishna waited for Srimati Radharani. It was late in the night and He doubted that She would find the way to the appointed place. So, He sat down and as He meditated on Radha, He saw the light of the nails of Radha’s lotus feet illuminating the darkness and then He could understand—She comes easily and finds Her way. Soon some of the girlfriends of Radharani came and said intriguely: “Our Radha cannot come today, She is held back at home.” Radha was nearby and listening to of all of this. Krishna said: “But I smell Her fragrance here!” The sakhis said: “No wonder, because we associate so regularly with Her that in our clothes is Her transcendental fragrance. But Syamasundar, if you want to meet Radha there is one little thing you have to do: chant Her Holy Names, clap your hands, and you will see that this will release you from all other obstacles and Radha will come to you.” Krishna did this, they had a wonderful kirtan together, and at the end Radharani, being so pleased, smiled and entered the kunja to be with Krishna.

That is one of many, many pastimes. How can anyone know this? They are not imaginative stories, no, they are revelations in the pure heart. So what can we learn from all of this on our level?

I think one of the lessons which the Goswamis teach us is to overcome obstacles: obstacles which are imposed by our body, obstacles which are imposed by our mind, because we know: nothing is more important than my relationship with Radha and Krishna. This cannot be replaced by anything in this world—neither by other relationships, nor money, nor position, because my soul is only happy when it is again reunited with the service of Divine couple.

See you all tomorrow!



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