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boat that quickly brings us to the sacred space
of the heart and into the presence of God."
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Kartik Inspirations Day 14 - Giriraj, the Greatest Devotee

Welcome to our Kartik inspirations, day 14.

In Vrindavan there are three personalities that have stayed even when Krishna left: the dust, the sacred river Yamuna, and the sacred mountain Giriraja.

Giriraja is a form of the greatest devotee who is, like all the others, competent to give you highest blessings. If you want to come to Krishna, it’s the greatest of devotees who can easily fulfil your desire and bring you. Giriraja is, if you so want, a living mountain—He is a servant who pleases Krishna.

There is a very nice verse which I like to share. Giriraja’s services are royal: the rocks of Govardhan hill, they are many kinds of splendid jewels that provide thrones for Krishna, couches, and other kinds of furniture. Govardhan´s beautiful forests and caves are Krishna’s natural nectarean pastime places. There are many waterfalls with which Giriraja washes the feet of Krishna and Balarama. And He offers tasty beverages such as honey and mango juice. In addition, He takes also care of Krishna´s devotees, the cows, by giving them a very good grass that increases the milk production.

Anyone who goes to Vrindavan is never disappointed and anyone who makes it to Govardhan is especially blessed. Therefore, you will see at almost any day of the month throngs of people going in a worshipful way around Giriraja Govardhan. They sing, they chant their japa, they are mindful of Giriraja. You see sadhus, you see ordinary people from Delhi. Because everyone knows: if you have a problem, go to Baba. That’s how He is called in Vrindavan—the father. He will help you!

There is a song which the residents of Vrindavan sing to Giriraja. The song goes: “Reside at the foot of blessed Govardhan, fix your mind constantly on the lotus feet of the enchanting royal prince—Sri Krishna. Your body will become ecstatic if you roll in the dust of Braj and bathe in Govindakund. And then, reveal whatever is there in your heart to the beloved sacred mountain who has assumed that form so that He can be there day and night and receive you.”

Let us now in our minds’ eye go to the sacred Govardhan mountain.

You could take help of a picture or just go there and see Him in His splendor with His many, many rocks.

The atmosphere is peaceful,      
pilgrims circumambulate Him and sing.          
Now, if you are ready, turn to Giriraja,            
fold your hands, and         
repeat after me a very known prayer:

namaste girirajaya
sri govardhana namine    
ashesha klesha nashaya
paramananda dayin

That means: “I offer my most respectful obeisances to Giriraja. His name is Govardhan. He takes away all one’s miseries and instead gives one the highest ananda, the highest bliss—paramananda.”

This is the amazing potency of Giriraja whom you can visit also in your minds’ eye just like we did.

Thank you for coming and see you all tomorrow!    



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