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Kartik Inspirations Day 16 - Celebrate Giriraja!

Welcome to our Kartik inspirations, day 16.

Today we will look at the Govardhan Lila and the worship of Govardhan. But first of all—how can we properly describe IT? Because this lila is the beloved festival in Braja, which everyone celebrates and even Krishna likes it very, very much, for two reasons.

One, it gave Him an opportunity to stay for seven uninterrupted days and nights in very close quarters with all His devotees.

And the second was that He could care for them, he could show His love for them, he could provide a safe place with an uninterrupted festival or just darsan of seeing the Lord.

Once Krishna was asked, “Can You give proof that You have siddhis, perfections?” And Krishna smiled and said, “Yes, I carried the huge Govardhan mountain on just a nail of my little pinkie for seven days and nights and defeated the pride of king Indra.”

What is this particular pastime teaching us? To take shelter at Krishna’s lotus feet, especially also when we are in difficulties. At that time when Krishna sees “My devotees have given up all other kinds of shelter and they are just turning to Me,” His heart becomes moved and He makes an arrangement, which is in all cases astonishing, but sometimes also unexpected. So, the question which we would like to deal with now is: How can we show our love and worship of Krishna on this day? The answer is very simple. Krishna Himself gave the rules: “This is how I [Krishna] and Giriraja should be worshiped.”

You can either take a sila or a photo of Giriraja or do what I like to do—I have a very, very good painting of Giriraja and I close my eyes, go to the places which I know, and then I offer the following things as per the instructions of Krishna:

1.First is worship. You can offer a light, or an abhisek.

2. Second is offer food.

Yes, even if it is only sweets. The Lord likes sweets somehow. I remember once in Sarajevo, at four o’clock in the morning,  I heard a voice, “Bring me a sweet!” I thought, “So early in the morning. Who wants a sweet at this time?” Then I looked at the altar and saw the Giriraja shila and it was very clear. He was urging me to bring Him a sweet. Fortunately just a package had arrived from a different country and there was a very, very nice sweet which I quickly offered and felt great relief. Yes, because the Lord was satisfied.

3. Third, make a circumambulation. Walk around. That is a sign of respect.

4. The fourth is to distribute prasadam to one and all.

I remember once I was in a hospital in Delhi for this day. After we had done our little hospital room puja, I went and took all the prasadam to the patients and staff, and turned the hospital, which is usually a very bodily conscious place, into a very blissful happy place.

5. And the fifth is offer obeisances. An obeisance is different from just a gymnastic exercise, if you do it in the right mood. Namaha—not ma—the ego, not my ego, not my wish, not my plans —your plan may come true. And then, a second item of a good obeisances is offer a prayer in which you can also express a pure desire. Like “may this obstacle disappear from my life,” and so on.

I wish you that you can go through these five points and become receptacles of mercy today. This is a blissful day. Rejoice!

And yes, see you all tomorrow.



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