"There comes a time for each of us, when
everything seems shallow, except the
longing of our soul to find its own true path."
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Kartik Inspirations Day 18 - Your Upliftment Lies in Your Hand

Welcome to our Kartik inspirations, day 18.
When mother Yashoda had caught up with Krishna or better, when Krishna had decided, ‘Oh, my mother is really sweating so much and the flowers from her hair have fallen to the ground. Now I better allow myself to be caught.’—When this happened, Yashoda decided to bind Krishna to a wooden mortar.
The reason was that earlier when she had said to Krishna: ”You are like a little monkey.” Krishna had said, "Ok, then tomorrow or today I will leave this village and never return, so that I can live in the dark forest with my monkey family.” Mother Yashoda thought, ‘This is getting out of hand’ and, deciding to bind Krishna so that He couldn´t do that she looked for ropes. And she took many, many, many ropes, but no matter how many ropes she tied to each other so to make them long enough, they were always two fingers too short.
Only when Krishna thought, ‘My mother is really trying so much, I should now give in,’ did mother Yashoda take one last rope: rope from her hair, her very personal rope. She bound it to the other ropes and then she could actually bind Krishna.
Others say that Purnamasi had informed Srimati Radhika, “See, mother Yashoda is trying to bind Krishna, but it doesn´t work. I think You need to help.” So then Radhika had supplied a little rope and said, “You just need to add this and it will do the job.”
So, the point here is: the rope of love. This is also the central subject of an amazing prayer by Satyavrata Muni. He says, "May Your lotus face with lips like red bimba fruits always remain manifest in my heart. I do not care about millions of other attainments.”
Yes, the image of the beloved should stay in the heart. That is the only desire of the lover. And so this is the main point here. You must know that all things in this world can be done by others: making money, becoming highly famous, becoming successful in various undertakings. But there is one thing which lies only in your own hand: it´s your spiritual upliftment.
We should see that I have been given a golden opportunity. My mind is a little bit more free from the clouds of ignorance so that I can now do something to uplift myself from the cycle of birth and death, and re-join Krishna in the eternal kingdom of love. Therefore let me prioritize my spiritual life. If that is not possible all year, because we still are embarrassed by so many so-called urgent things, then at least this one month should be reserved for this one opportunity to develop this amazing relationship to the Lord.
See you all tomorrow.




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