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Kartik Inspirations Day 20 - Krishna´s Patimes - Part 1

Hare Krishna! Welcome to Kartik inspirations, day 20.

Vrindavan is a place of Krishna´s pastimes. They flow there like a river that crosses through various attractive lakes. The devotees of Krishna who stay in Vrindavan like to remain in that flow of nectar, totally absorbed in Krishna’s world.
Now, these pastimes are called ashta-kaliya lila, because there are eight times—ashta—where they take place. It starts in the morning: every morning Krishna wakes up in Nandagram, then He goes and milks Nanda Maharaja´s transcendental cows in the goshala. Usually He wrestles with His friends afterwards, then He bathes, dresses, eats breakfast, and then runs off to Vrindavan forests along with His thousands of friends and cows. It is a huge procession which leaves the village every morning.

Eventually they reach Govardhan Hill, where the cows munch on the fresh, sweet grasses while the cowherd boys jump and play in the many caves, waterfalls, and lakes. Govardhan is really providing the ideal place for the pastimes. Afterwards the flow of Krishna’s pastimes continues to Manasi Ganga, the lake in the middle of Govardhan where Krishna and His cowherd friends sit together and enjoy a tasty morning snacks of sweets and cakes.

And then, from 10:30 a.m. until 3 p.m., Krishna leaves His friends. He sports to His heart’s content with Srimati Radharani at Radhakund. There He has His very confidential pastimes where no one, no friends, no parents, no one other than the companions of Srimati Radharani, have access.

And then in the late afternoon Krishna returns from Radhakund to His friends, who think it has just been a minute since they saw Krishna. This is what happens up until this moment in time.

Tomorrow we will continue with more pastimes. It’s important that within these general descriptions, which we have heard, so many specific new individual pastimes take place—Pastimes into which some new arrivals, souls who have joined from the material world, take part.

For both these souls in the material world who reach out to have the association of Krishna as well as for the siddhas—those who are perfectly engaged as Krishna’s dear associates—these pastimes provide the ultimate shelter, the ultimate world. The world more real than our own little world.

See you all tomorrow to hear more of Krishna’s pastimes!


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