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Kartik Inspirations Day 22 - The Prayer to Remove the Veil of Maya

Welcome to our Kartik inspiration, day 22.

Today I would like to focus on removing the veil, which keeps us from seeing things as they are.

Nowhere like in Vrindavan pilgrims or visitors experience that when they are there, they are sometimes disturbed by the external circumstances. So much smoke in the air, riksha vallas  (drivers) that cheat, loudspeakers that are very, very loud, monkeys that are only there to steal things, and they ask themselves, ‘I heard all about this blissful nature of Vrindavan, but instead I see all these disturbing factors.’

What they see is not Vrindavan—it‘s the veil that covers Vrindavan.

We all know about the veil of maya, which separates us like a veil from the spiritual reality. In Vrindavan this veil of maya is also there. I think we all know the phenomenon of seeing without recognizing. We may look for a key—it’s right there on the table, we have passed the table fifteen times already in an attempt to find that key, but we just don’t recognize that the key is there and keep on looking.

I think a lot of this is there when we look for Krishna in Vrindavan. The veil which keeps us from seeing Him, the veil which runs right through our consciousness, can only really be removed by the Lord Himself. He can order His maya to step back, He can draw the veil, and therefore it is known that in the spiritual traditions we only go so much on our own strength. The rest—the ultimate rest is up to Krishna.

There is a prayer which I would like to end this with, where devotees and spiritualists turn to Krishna and ask Him to help them. It goes like this. Please sit and let these words touch your consciousness.

“Oh, Lord, I have been separated from You for thousands of births and this has created within me endless miseries and complications. My true blissful, spiritual nature has become concealed, it’s hidden. But now I dedicate to you, my sweet Lord, Sri Krishna, the beloved of the gopis of Vrindavan, my body, my senses, my life force as well as my consciousness, my mind, my heart, the intelligence, and sense of self. I dedicate everything which is mine in this world and I offer you my very soul. Oh, Krishna, I am yours, please accept me and please help me!”

How can Krishna be silent when He hears someone turning to Him with the sincere understanding that alone he or she is helpless? He immediately sends help by His powerful shaktis, His powerful energies, and strengthens us so that we can overcome our own inner obstacles. Such a prayer is sometimes more worth than thousands of years marching in pride through Vrindavan!

See you all tomorrow.



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