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Kartik Inspirations Day 23 - Krishna´s Plans are Best

Welcome to Kartik inspirations, day 23.

Today is Gopastami, the day when Krishna took out the big cows for the first time, to bring them to the forest of Vrindavan for herding. He began to wander with a buffalo horn to make signals and a flute, and He knew all His millions of cows by name.

There is a very interesting prelude to this pastime that tells us a little bit about the sweetness in Vrindavan.  Yashoda had noticed that Krishna was no longer comfortable appearing naked before His mother. He just felt shy and Nanda, His father, saw that the Lord was not talking directly with him—He was always with His uncles, Nanda’s brothers, and talked very freely with them. One day Sunanda, the brother of Nanda Maharaja, came to Nanda: “I need to speak to you about Krishna.” Nanda Maharaja put all the dots together and immediately answered, “No, He can’t go. That’s too dangerous!” But Sundanda said, “Krishna has talked now for many days and He says He wants to go out and herd the cows. It is His dharma. He was born in a cowherd family and if He cannot go, it is worse than being not allowed to breathe.” So Nanda Maharaja said, “I will think about it.”

The next day he called a general assembly and the whole village of Vrindavan came together. Nanda, with a very stern face, walked through everyone, sat on his throne, and said, “I have decided...”, everyone was really looking and listening, everything was so grave “…that my son Gopal is actually a cowherd. He is allowed from this day on to take the big cows and herd them in the forest.”

And of course everyone exploded with joy and laughter. There was a big celebration when Krishna was handed over the responsibility for the cows, the wealth of Vrindavan.

Now what can we take from this? Two things.

First of all, Krishna has His plan and whatever is His plan is reality, which will manifest sooner or later. But the second point related to Krishna’s plan is that Krishna has knowledge of the past, of the present, and of the future. When He makes a plan for someone, it always has aspects which that person cannot see because our knowledge is limited. We are not tri-kala-jna—knower of the past, the present, and the future. And whatever Krishna wishes for someone is always in their best interest. In material life we are often afraid of uncertainty, we dread change, we surround ourselves with money, with an apartment, with secure relationships, at least as secure as possible; we think in this way we live in a fortress that is never going to be affected by change. But then, like a tsunami wave, material nature comes and teaches us differently.

It is safest to surrender before to Krishna’s plan, to say to Him in all earnestness: “May Your will happen, my Lord. And may it happen softly so that I can accept it and be joyful with it.”

Thank you very much and see you all tomorrow.



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