"By spiritual association, the fog covering
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Japa Inspirations Day 4 - The One Relationship

Once Srila Prabhupada said to one of his disciples: “Krishna consciousness is so simple that you might miss it!” The point of Krishna consciousness, especially of chanting japa, is to enter into a relationship—the One relationship.

See,  all of us living entities have an eternal service relationship to Krishna. Only when we forget that do we enter the material world where we circle through endless repetitions of birth and death until we finally come in contact with the devotee of the Lord who tells us: “Wait, wait, wait! Where are you running? Stop running. You are looking for something that is inside of you. You are looking for the perfection. Here is Krishna! Here is the Lord, and here is his Holy Name! Chant it!”

And in this way the devotee plants the seed of sambandha and abhidheya. It is the seed of relationship and how we can act in that relationship, how we can do and engage in devotional service. This seed is in our heart, and was often described by Prabhupada as a taste or desire to serve. And now we have to nourish it by the chanting of the Holy Name and by hearing about Krishna. That will allow the seed of the relationship to grow and grow and grow until, finally, we are there in the spiritual world in our eternal relationship with Krishna.

When you sit down to do your japa, remember: you are entering into that One relationship! You call Krishna by His Name and He responds. He says in the Bhagavatam: “Anyone who chants My Name is mine!” But chanting can never be done ritualistically, mechanically; it can never be done just as something to finish your quota and get it over with. Relationships are not like this—that you do something to get it over with. No! Enter that One relationship with intention. You can do and practice this in such a powerful, rewarding form through japa. The Lord immediately reciprocates when you chant in this consciousness.

To listen to the audio recording, follow this link: https://soundcloud.com/sacinandanaswami/ji-4-the-one-relationship


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