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Japa inspirations Day 8 - The Genuine Call

Welcome to our japa inspiration!

Let us be very clear—there are days when we cannot concentrate, days when no method, no technique, nothing which we have learned works to bring our mind into the state of absorbed chanting. Please, have courage! This is understandable: our mind is dependent on influences from outside. The world interacts with the mind and the mind interacts with the world. At such a time it is very good to come to another mindset: the crying mindset.

Srila Prabhupada wrote: “This chanting is exactly like the genuine cry of a child for its mother´s presence.” So when I find out that I am a little bit absent-minded or totally absent-minded, I sit down and I seriously pray to Krishna: “Please, my dear Lord, it is not possible for me to control this restless mind on my own. But You are Hrishikesha, You are the Lord of the senses, which includes the mind! Please, shower Your mercy upon me and help me gain victory over the restless movements of the mind.”

When I sincerely call out to the Lord like this, after some time I all of a sudden find out that the mind, which was restless before, is now placid like a lake. It is calm, and it can focus on the beautiful sound vibration of the Lord´s Holy Name!

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