"There is no misery as great as
attachment. There is no
happiness as fine as detachment."
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Japa Inspirations Day 9 - Who Are You Really?

Welcome to our japa inspiration!

Let us start today with the simple question: who are you? Who are you when everything which is not you is taken away? The answer to this question will immediately bring us to a purified state of existence—a state from where japa is very easily done.

Krishna is our origin, and we come from Him. We have a relationship. When we do japa and we are not aware of and not focused on this relationship, our mind will wander in the material world or switch off, not tuned into reality. For so many long years, lifetimes, millions, trillions of Yugas, we were separated from Krishna.

Why? Because our mind was not tuned to the level where we could understand this truth: I only belong to You, my Lord. By my nature I am Your eternal servant, but because of some misfortune I’m separated from you. At least I feel this separation. Since time immemorial I have been identifying myself with this body and mind, and I have continuously been victim to the repeated cycle of birth and death. I have encountered many sufferings—the three-fold miseries—but now something has happened.

This chain of ignorance has been destroyed by some unimaginable good fortune. I have met a great spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada and I know now that I am an eternal servant of Krishna. That I am really an infinitesimal spiritual being, completely apart from this gross and subtle body. By the instructions of my spiritual master, I have obtained the good fortune of being able to serve His lotus feet and the lotus feet of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Sri Radha Krishna. This simple understanding—bhuta suddhi—purifies us. It says in the Hari Bhakti Vilasa that “unless a person performs the bhuta suddhi ritual, none of his spiritual activities—yajnas, taking bath in holy rivers, giving charity, etc.—none of this and none of his japa is fruitful. It does not bring the desired effect.”

So, let us chant from the spiritual level. Let us raise our consciousness through spiritual knowledge and faith to that level. Chant from there, and you can rest assured that Krishna will think “Oh, this person is calling for Me! This person has woken up or, at least, is trying to wake up! All right, now I’m coming!”

To listen to the audio recording, follow this link: https://soundcloud.com/sacinandanaswami/ji-9-who-are-you-really


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