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Japa Inspirations Day 10 - Become Real

Welcome to our japa inspiration!

Last year in Vrindavan I did something I would like to share with you, because it always works: become real.

At that time, I was trapped in the mental cloud of distraction. I did not feel at ease and could not connect to my japa practice, so I decided, stop! Become real now! To become real means to face reality. One important aspect of reality is that there is not one single moment in the life of any one of us where we are not walking closer towards our own death, the time everything will disappear.

Death means the disappearance of all the things we have constructed around us: our name, our projects, our plans—like incense smoke in the breeze, they will fade away. So, to become real means to ask the following questions: What will stay? What is eternal? What is the eternal reality? Those questions immediately bring us to the soul and to its relationship to the Supreme Lord. Now, how do we make this connection?

It’s very simple! We become aware that we are parts of the Lord, and we sit down in this awareness when we do our japa. And even when we feel I cannot hold this awareness, there is another approach that works so well. We can feel separated from the Lord: Oh, my Lord, I’m so separated. I’m so far away from You, so far in the distance!

And by this profound regret which we feel when we have the mood of separation in our spiritual practice, in that very moment everything unessential is burned away. Yes, at the moment when we feel separated from Krishna, the moment where we become real, we lose our mountain-like attachments to this world. Let’s turn to Krishna with this understanding: I want You, I need You, I am part of you. It is my greatest project to again become active in our relationship. And miracles will unfold!

To listen to the audio recording, follow this link:


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