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Japa Inspirations Day 13 - Chanting Makes One Real

Chanting makes us real. Imagine, one morning you wake up and you find yourself in a different body. You go to the window, look out, and the surroundings are completely different. Wouldn’t that be scary? In much the same way we, who are here in material world, are in that strange environment. We are citizens of the other world, of the spiritual world. And no matter how much we try to arrange heaven and hell to suit our desires ,we are not happy here.
There is a very nice part in the Bhagavatam where waking up from the false dream is described. It describes Maharaj Chitraketu, a great devotee and associate of the Lord who became cursed and took birth in the body of a demon—he had coppery red hair, flaming eyes—everything was strange and different. Towards the end of his life he said a wonderful prayer which is very suitable for those who want to wake up from the false, illusory reality and come to their actual self. It goes like this: “I was once Your eternal servant, oh Lord, but now I have become bound around the neck by the ropes of maya and suffered in various ways within this material world. Now, again I am hoping that by becoming the servant of your servants and serving You, I may obtain some trace of devotion.”

And now comes a part of the prayer which the chanter should really absorb and reflect in his own mood: “Oh Lord of my heart! May my mind perpetually remember Your glories! May my tongue chant Your Name! May I obtain fulfillment by engaging my hands in Your service. I have offered my heart at Your feet.”

Becoming real—that is a great motto for those who chant and there is something very special about this goal. Once you reclaim your spirituality, once you reclaim your original consciousness, you will transform your life in the material world so that you see happiness in all directions, because you have developed the right perspective—the spiritual perspective by the mercy of the Holy Name.

To listen to the audio recording, follow this link: https://soundcloud.com/sacinandanaswami/ji-13-chanting-makes-one-real


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