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Japa Inspirations Day 15 - Please, Maintain My Japa!

Everything becomes so easy when there is taste, and this granting of taste is something which Krishna readily does for His devotee. We only need to ask Him for this.

There is a prayer by Yamuna Acharya. He says: “Oh Lord, please listen as I make before You this one petition which is not false, but utterly sincere. If you do not bestow Your mercy upon me it will be extremely difficult for You to find a more befitting recipient of Your mercy.”

When we sit down and do our japa, it’s very good to focus on Krishna and then pray to Him to grant us taste for our devotional practice. Through taste, we get the wings which we need for our soul to fly to Krishna.

When I sat on my favorite bench this morning, there were bees around, the trees were in blossom, the sun was rising… I was distracted by my surroundings. At that time, I could choose: will I chant in this nice, distracted spring state of mind or will I go for a higher devotional experience that will deeply nourish my soul? I decided what to do, and affirmed to myself: “Let me simply listen to the Holy Name and pray to Krishna, that He, please, maintain my practice by granting me the possibility of focus, to be with the chanting.”

I chanted, and all of a sudden I had so much taste that the beauty of nature became a backdrop for a wonderful devotional experience. So, sit down and pray to Krishna that He will allow you to come with your chanting on the spiritual platform where you are connected with Him.

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