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Japa Inspirations Day 17 - Astonishing Potencies of the Holy Name

It helps tremendously when we chant our japa to become aware of the vast spiritual strength infused into this practice. Lord Caitanya brings our attention to the fact that Krishna has invested His full potencies into each single individual Holy Name.

What are these types of potencies? In the Hari-bhakti-vilasa, as quoted by Bhaktivinoda Thakur, these potencies and activities are mentioned. The verse speaks of activities like charity, performing fasts, doing austerities, going on pilgrimage and so on. All this is invested with potencies by the gods and the saints, and they can uplift the soul in a tremendous way!

Just imagine: people doing charity, giving away gold chariots, fasting and performing austerities for prolonged amounts of time, going away for months on various sacred pilgrimages and becoming surcharged by powerful results. What to speak of performing Ashvamedha and Rajasuya yajnas or studying the scriptures! All this has incredible potencies to free one from bondage and conditioning and to attract one to Krishna. The paraka and taraka shaktis are invested in those activities.

Krishna has gone around and collected all these potencies! The verse says: “The Supreme Lord has gathered up all these potencies and placed them all in His own Holy Names.”

Please try this: as you sit down, connect with an awareness that there is so much potency placed in this practice. I don’t need to go now on pilgrimage—maybe later. I don’t need to fast or perform austerities. I do not need to do Ashvamedha yajna, which is not possible in this age anyways. Just by chanting I get all these potencies and much more!

And much more means the mercy of the Lord!

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