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Japa Inspirations Day 21 - The Intention to Worship

When entering the world of japa practice, one is soon surprised to find out that there is actually a whole universe behind it, that is waiting to be explored. 

In my own attempts to try to come to a better understanding and to motivate myself more to chant the Holy Name, I have identified a few principles. But there is so much more to understand and realize. As  I read on, practice more, and listen more and more to other chanters, I find everything expands. The knowledge expands, the practice expands, the taste expands.

Today I would like to give you one principle in which you could chant - chant with the intention to worship.

I have one friend who used to be a priest, a pujari, and who liked to offer some fragrant flowers to the Deities at the end of his puja. When he stopped being a priest started other services, he maintained this principle by offering each mantra like a fragrant jasmine flower to the Lord.

Such feelings are favorable feelings in our japa. It is the desire to serve out of a feeling of gratitude and some devotion. And it is when we use this intention to offer something that our devotional attachment, our taste, will grow.

In spiritual life we are not maintained by food, by money, or by recognition—we are maintained by taste. And that comes when you offer something, such as when you offer your japa with the intention to worship. Because immediately Krishna will reciprocate. “Yes, come on! Yes! I will give you more and more taste!”

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