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Japa Inspirations Day 22 - Let Go and Let Krishna!

When we sit down to chant, we also sit down to take shelter. Often we find  that although we wish to concentrate, our mind is so wild and uncontrolled that it just does not cooperate. If you sit down to chant and you have this expectation that now will be your best time or that your chanting has to be such and such—you set yourself up for frustration.

It is much better to practice humility, especially in the phase of having to deal with the unfocused mind. Just address the Lord or bring yourself to the place where you feel “I can’t control my mind on my own!” Place yourself under Krishna’s care.

In the Harinama-cintamani, Haridasa Thakura gives us a wonderful prayer. He says: “Oh Lord, please, give Your mercy so inattention will not be an obstacle for me, and my heart may always taste the nectar of Your Holy Name!”

Bhaktivinoda Thakura makes a very good and poignant point. He says: “On one’s own effort and with one’s own intelligence one cannot engage in devotional service to the Lord. One has no power in this way to attain the true results, brought by devotional service.”

What are these true results? Taste! You can’t command your mind: “Now you should have taste.” But you can enter the mood of humility. You can surrender; you can be real. And pray “Please, give me Your mercy!”

And at that time, Krishna miraculously responds.

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