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Japa Inspirations Day 24 - Keeping Your Aspirations in Mind

We may have heard a lot how to improve our japa. We may have even read several books about it. But then when we sit down to do our practice, we might find out that we aren’t inspired and we cannot apply what we know.

At that time, it helps a lot if we set a spiritual goal. Narottama Dasa Thakura says something in the Prema Bhakti Candrika that is really crucial about this subject. “Whatever I aspire as a practitioner I will surely receive in my spiritual body. It is only a consideration of immaturity or maturity.”

Consider an unripe mango. If it keeps on getting sunshine, it will become ripe, fragrant, and very tasty. In the same way do we mature,  provided we have a spiritual goal and keep on getting the rays of the Holy Name. Thus, we will receive what we have aspired for. So this is a rule in spiritual practice: as one worships, as one aspires, as one meditates, so one becomes.

Should we desire to go back to Godhead? Yes, very much. “One should be captivated by this information,” writes Prabhupada. “He should desire to transfer himself to that eternal world and extricate himself from this false reflection of reality.”  (Bhagavad-gita,pp 15.6)  

Keeping high spiritual goals, even while you are still in an immature stage, is extremely helpful and Krishna immediately responds. Krishna may say: “You have given everything that you have and you have aspired for. Now I will also give you my everything.”

So, let us aspire.

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