"There is no misery as great as
attachment. There is no
happiness as fine as detachment."
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Japa Inspirations Day 26 - Increase Your Attachment

Welcome to our japa inspiration!

Think about this deeply: everything would be so easy in our spiritual practice if we would be attached—attached to Krishna, attached to the Holy Name.

A very nice example comes to mind from Krishna’s pastimes: Once the friends of Lord Krishna came to the married wives of some brahmanas and asked them for some food. They spoke the name of Krishna during this occasion, and Kavi Karnapura describes: When these brahmana wives heard the name of Krishna only one time, Krishna began to ring in their ears in a limitless number of forms. They lost all interest in carrying out their material duties and wondered “What is this mantra, the name Krishna that enchants our heart so much?”

By the intense pull of this inconceivable, amazing mantra they all started to move down the path towards Krishna like golden dolls or like those enchanted by a spell. They were definitely attached.

When we hear such descriptions we obviously want to know—how can I become so attached that by only hearing the name of Krishna one time I will move down the path with great, great speed? The answer is: study philosophy, associate with advanced chanters, and improve your practice.

While studying the philosophy and being around with spiritually advanced people is something we can do outside the practice of japa, there is one thing which we can do again and again during our chanting.

It´s a piece of advice how we can control the mind, which comes from the Chandogya Upanishad: “A falcon in training which is tied to its perch first tries to fly in every direction and finds no rest anywhere, but at last it settles on the place it is fastened to. In exactly the same way, my son, the mind first flies in every direction while we do japa. Finding no rest anywhere, it finally settles on the perch of the Holy Name, for indeed the mind is tied to the mantra.”

This is a very nice method; let us bind our mind to the Holy Name. Then it is attached to the Holy Name in a somewhat mechanical way, but as it stays with the Holy Name, something will happen. It will settle there. It will become peaceful and totally cooperative. In fact, at that time the Holy Name will move the mind!

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