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Japa Inspirations Day 27 - Overcoming Obstacles

Welcome to our japa inspiration!

As we sit down to chant, our body can offer us some problems. It can feel tired, and the result is that we become lazy: “No, I don’t want to chant now!” Or our mind can offer an obstacle: “Oh, I am distracted by so many things that I need to do today.” Or our heart can offer the biggest obstacle - indifference: “Oh, I don’t really care now for my spiritual life and for Krishna. I have immediate worries to solve here!”

We must know how to overcome the obstacles. For the body, good chanting starts the night before when you go to bed early so that you can get some nourishing sleep. During the practice, try to sit properly: that creates a signal to your nervous system and makes you less susceptible to tama guna or sleep.

The mind, which wants to go here and there, can be easily called back by reading a text on the chanting that occupies the mind or convinces it and instills some faith in it. Now also, the mind can be bound to the mantra. At the first instant it will protest and want to go here and there, but then it settles in the mantra.

What to do however against the worst obstacle—the feeling of indifference to Krishna and His Holy Name? When you chant, it is good to, when you see that you are not moving forward, just stop everything, look at the Deities, look at the picture of Krishna and call out in helplessness: “My dear Lord, this material energy is working under Your control, my mind and its feelings are part of this energy—kindly control my mind, kindly remove its unwillingness to surrender to You!” You will see by such attempts to align the heart by prayer and bring it back on course will help tremendously.

Finally, at one point during your chanting,  the body, mind and heart  will be free from these obstacles. They will help you, support you, and then you have attained full absorption.

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