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Japa Inspirations Day 29 - Where Is Your Urgency?

Welcome to our Japa inspiration.

It’s actually quite easy to chant good japa when you know where you need to focus your effort.

Once in Hawaii a disciple of Srila Praphupada asked him how to control the restless mind while chanting japa. Srila Praphupada gave a surprising and quite grave reply. He said “What is the use of controlling the mind? You have to chant and hear. You have to chant with your tongue and hear the sound. That’s all. What is the question of the mind?”
This is where to focus: sravanam and kirtanam—hearing and chanting. Or, reverse it for the practice—chanting and then hearing or listening. And immediately Krishna will feel that He should reciprocate.
There’s a beautiful verse in Rupa Goswami’s Padyavali where one devotee asks the Lord: “Oh Hari, You are the remover of distress and embodiment of compassion. You ran so quickly with great eagerness to protect Draupadi and to liberate Gajendra from the crocodile. Similarly, this miserable, pathetic person is weeping and calling out to You: ‘Where are You Lord, what has happened to Your sense of urgency now?’” Here the chanter is just chanting and hearing; he does this with some intensity. He is weeping, calling out, and as  Krishna says in the Gita: “In the degree someone surrenders unto Me, in that degree I reward them.”

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