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Vedenakademie, Berlin, Germany

The Vedenakademie (read Veda Acadamy) was established in 1996 by Marcus Schmieke at “Schloss Weißenstein” with the aim to integrate science and spirituality on the basis of Vedic knowledge. Since then the academy developed several correspondence courses, seminars and published literature in the following subjects:

• Vasati – Vedic architecture
• Jyotish – Vedic astrology
• Ayurveda – Vedic medicine
• Sanskrit – the language of the Vedas
• Mantras – the Vedic science of sound
• Vedic Way – comprehensive knowledge of practical Vedic lifestyle
• Natural science – especially physics

With its online courses, congresses and other projects the Veda-Academy endeavors to make this knowledge available in Europe and abroad in a way which is relevant to people from the West.

For more information please visit www.veden-akademie.de

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